Welcome to the new - NewNewCanada website

Todays update is a big one.... After much procrastionation i sat down and pushed out countless hours of work on the website and server. I have completely overhauled the website, giving it a new look and some new features. Along with the new look i have re worked donations, voting crates, and even got some new plugins, lets dig in!

The new website has been re designed with a completely new menu system. Each item has a submenu with various links for ease of access. To get back to the home page after navigating the menus simply click on the NewNewCanada logo on the top left of the page.

The vote submenus will have each link easily accessable making it much easier to vote and get those sweet rewards faster!

Speaking of rewards, Vote Crates are back! Just like before, every 5 votes will give you one key to use ingame. You can use the key to get sick loots from crates located in the spawn area. There are 3 types of keys: a Basic Key, Advanced Key, and a Superior key. you can save up 5 of any kind to upgrade them by talking to the Keymaster at spawn.

The Tools submenu has some new features, the map link will now take you to a full size map of the server. You can also send admin requests, report a player, and directly connect to the newnewcanada teamspeak server from the website!

As mentioned before donations have been reworked. Subscriptions are now monthly and new perks have been added, Be sure to check them all out! Don't fret, I still have future plans to add to the donation shop.

That about sums it up for this update. I hope everyone enjoys it, Please leave comments or questions in the forums. If you find anything not working please report it to me.

Have fun,


[OP] superflydemon a yeah, once the orange bar scrolls up you should be able to click away
[VIP] STVRaptor I can't click anything under the orange bar with "facebook, steam, & youtube". (eg can�...


[OP] superflydemon a posted Mar 29, 17


8:58:20 PM


LukeTMM About fucking time
[Mod] CiderSpy Does this mean you finally updated something?